Blessings – Vorzüge

Ich unterrichte im Flügel des Schulgebäudes, der ausschließlich von der VHS genutzt wird.  “Mein” Klassenzimmer ist gleich neben der Schulküche, also dort, wo meist abends Kochunterricht stattfindet. Ich bin sicher, dass da tolle Sachen gekocht werden.  Leider riecht es morgens nicht mehr lecker  und ich reiße täglich als erstes die Fenster auf.  Das ist auch der Grund, warum niemand mit mir Zimmer tauschen möchte.

In der Schule gibt es Freifunk-Internet, allerdings ist in unserem Klassenzimmer kein Empfang.  Wenn ich für den Unterricht Internet benötige, müssen wir uns mindestens in denTürrahmen, meist aber auf den Gang stellen.  In den anderen Klassenzimmern ist der Empfang besser, was einer gewissen Ironie nicht entbehrt, da die meisten anderen Kursleiter und -leiterinnen, Handys im Unterricht abschalten lassen, während ich versuche, sie im Unterricht zu integrieren und als Lernhilfsmittel zu nutzen.

Ich nehme diese Nachteile aber gern in Kauf für den einen großen Vorteil, den das Zimmer U03 bietet: es gibt Schränke.  Es gibt sogar so viele Schränke, dass ich einen ganzen Schrank für mich allein habe.  Ich horte Papier und Ordner, Schreib- und Bastelmaterial, Wörter- und Bilderbücher, Brettspiele und alle möglichen anderen Spiele darin.  Wenn ich wieder unterrichten müsste, ohne dass ich meine Materialien spontan zur Hand habe, würde ich untergehen.  Mir hat das System, dass die Klasse das Zimmer hat und die Lehrer Zimmer wechseln müssen, noch nie eingeleuchtet. Der Arbeitsplatz eines Lehrers ist im Klassenzimmer, nicht im Lehrerzimmer (auch wenn die Nomenklatur etwas anderes impliziert).

306 Schule

I teach in a wing of the school which is exclusively used for adult education classes.  “My classroom” is next to the school kitchen, i.e. the room where cooking classes are taught.  I am sure that they cook wonderful things there in the evenings.  Unfortunately, the smells in the morning are not all that appetising and the first thing I usually do is throw open the windows.  That’s also the reason why nobody wants to switch rooms with me.

We have publicly accessible wifi in the school, unfortunately the reception in our classroom is non-existent.  If I need internet access for the class, we have to stand in the door frame or better even in the hallway.  This is ironic since most of the other instructors ban mobile phones during class time but I try to include them and use them as teaching aids.

I accept all these drawbacks gladly for the one big benefit of room U03: there are cupboards.  There are actually so many cupboards that I managed to claim one for myself alone.  In it I hoard paper and folders, writing and craft supplies, dictionaries and children’s books, board games and many other kind of games.  If I ever had to teach again without being able to use my materials spontaneously,  I’d fold.  I’ve never understood the system where the class claims a room and the teachers have to switch rooms.  The working space of a teacher is his or her classroom, not the teachers’ lounge or staffroom (contrary to what the names suggest).


11 thoughts on “Blessings – Vorzüge

    1. I don’t know if they miss it in class. But they go home and a mobile phone, in fact a portable computer, can help them learn and practice.- at home and on their own. But they have to be shown how to do it. Most of the course books now offer apps to support the books, they can watch video clips (I advertise good children’s programmes). And in class: The weather app can be used to practice: “How is the weather today in Kabul?” -> It is sunny. It is 19°. The time/stopwatch function … don’t get me started. Why not use all this if it is available?

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  1. It would absolutely be a pain to switch rooms all the time as a teacher. Can you imagine if we asked an admin person or manager to do this? There would be outrage. Pack up their desk and move a few times a day!

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    1. And yet, this is the norm in German schools. I’m fairly familiar with teachers schlepping their material in airplane carry-on luggage around. And in the teachers’ room there is at times not enough space for them to do work between classes. :-/


      1. Yes, there is a very strong teacher’s representations (not quite unions as teachers in Germany are mostly public officials and therefore union laws do not apply to them in the same way but they have many advantages compared to employed teachers). It is just that schools are organised differently in Germany and the idea of a teacher’s classroom is just not heard of.


      2. There are private schools but almost negligible in numbers (even these private schools are heavily subsidised by the state). Schooling is free, so much so that text books are subsidised (or fully paid) by the state, transport to schools is paid by the state if the next possilble school is further than 3 or 5km from the residence (as the school system in Germany is in the hands of the various states making up the Federal Republic this differs but in principle). School buildings are build and maintained by the cities and districts, teachers are paid by the government of the states.


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