Die Geschichte vom hässlichen Maskenteil – Tale of the Ugly Maskling

It’s the second day of teaching with an FFP2 mask. These are the ones that look more or less like coffee filters, and are also known as KN95 masks. I am not disputing the new rule – new studies show that these masks are much more efficient, also offering a degree of self-protection. In addition, they have been shown to work better in the case of the current omicron variant.

They are also a pain in the neck (face, rather). Yesterday I felt that my voice was distinctly muffled. But man is a creature of habit, or at least I am, because today I hardly noticed it.

Because the masks I had at home really hurt behind my ears I retrieved a gadget from way back when we first sewed our own fabric masks. With it I can attach the elastic behind the head. This didn’t work well because the mask did not fit my face properly anymore. I then moved the thingamabob on top of my head and voila! – no pain, and the fit seems almost airtight. It ruins the hairstyle, though.

And then I tried to buy new ones today. Friends had recommended a best in test variety in terms of effectivity and fit. Only the shops are more or less sold out. I found two packets in the end – in lime green and nevermind best in test.

Nevermind my hairstyle either. I can’t afford vanity anymore.

Heute ist der zweite Tag Unterricht mit einer FFP2-Maske. Das sind die, die ähnlich wie Kaffeefilter aussehen. Ich fechte die neue Regel nicht an – neue Studien haben gezeigt, dass diese Masken wesentlich effizienter sind und sogar den Träger selbst schützen. Zusätzlich sollen sie bei der Omicron-Variante besser als bei Delta funktionieren.

Allerdings sind sie auch ziemlich nervig. Gestern hatte ich das Gefühl, meine Stimme habe sich ziemlich gedämpft angehört. Aber der Mensch ist ein Gewohnheitstier und heute ist es mir kaum noch aufgefallen.

Weil mir die Gummis der Masken, die wir zuhause haben, hinter den Ohren ziemlich weh tun, habe ich einen Schnickschnack aus längst vergangenen Zeiten, als wir noch unsere Stoffmasken selbst nähten, hervorgekramt. Damit kann ich die Gummis hinter dem Kopf befestigen. Das hat nicht so richtig funktioniert, weil die Maske jetzt nicht mehr richtig auf mein Gesicht passte. Ich habe das Dingsbums dann oben auf dem Hinterkopf platziert, und siehe da! – kein Aua und die Maske sitzt fast luftdicht. Allerdings ruiniert es die Frisur.

Und dann wollte ich heute noch neue Masken kaufen. Freunde hatten mir welche empfohlen, die Testsieger in Punkto Passform und Effektivität seien. Nur sind in den Läden sind kaum welche zu finden. Ich habe dann doch zwei Packungen gefunden – in Froschgrün. Testsieger hat sich somit eh’ erledigt.

Frisur ist dann auch egal. Eitelkeit kann ich mir nicht mehr leisten.

11 thoughts on “Die Geschichte vom hässlichen Maskenteil – Tale of the Ugly Maskling

  1. I’ve shifted to these too. I’ve found some (thanks to Becky, of ‘Squares’ fame) that are ‘semi-disposable’, in that they last at least 40 hours if aired between uses. I really couldn’t bring myself to contemplate fully disposable. They’re a bit sweaty after speaking though, aren’t they? Ah, well …

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    1. I’m looking for these (‘washable’ up to 20 times) but internet seems the only way to go. I’m loath to commit to 50 pieces, though, if I don’t know whether they fit me …

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      1. I checked them out, their site says “EU” but so far I couldn’t find any shipping details. The major drawback seems to be that they don’t have the certification printed on them. One can, of course, if questioned always present the certificate but it seems an added difficulty to be questioned about the mask (after having presented the vax certificate and an ID document). Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad that these things are checked but every now and again one has to vent!

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      2. Life’s complicated. Best move to the UK, where apparently everything is going to be just fine and we’re going to have all restrictions removed. I despair of what passes for a government here.

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      3. Well, your Prime Minister has certainly been in the news lately, even here in Germany. What I don’t understand: he is in danger of losing his post over a few parties which he may or may not have attended and a few lies he may or may not have told to Parliament regarding these parties. I understand that people are very upset about this. But compared to his other scandals, blunders, and rows, his lies prior to Brexit and his handling of the talks after the vote – this is a non-issue.

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      4. It is to the people who obeyed the rules and couldn’t see their loved ones, even as they lay dying. I think it’s the fact that his lying and general ineptitude is out there for all to see. Previously, too many people were prepared just to see the jolly, up-beat Boris, full of stupid meaningless slogans like Get Brexit Done,
        and similar populist lies, rather than the snake he actually is.

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      5. Thanks for your perspective. Of course, I’m on the outside looking in. In my younger days, I used to complain that German politicians were boring. I’m happy we have mostly boring ones, I think. (Although watching a session of the British parliament, with everybody squashed together, and being really close is much more entertaining than the staid affair in the German Bundestag.)

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      6. It’s archaic. And some (namely the Minister for the Eighteenth century, Jacob Rees-Mogg) protest violently against the idea of remote sessions, enabling more vulnerable MPs to participate.

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