Kreativität – Creativity

The oldest excuse for not having any homework is, of course, “the dog ate it”. Today I heard (again) a baffling variant of this: “My daughter scribbled all over my homework and tore it up.” Obeid’s daughter is six-years-old. It happens at least once a week.

Die älteste Ausrede für nichtgemachte Hausaufgaben ist: “Der Hund hat meine Hausaufaufgaben gefressen.” Heute habe ich (wiedermal) eine überraschende Variante gehört: “Meine Tochter hat drauf rumgekritzelt und dann zerrissen.” Obeids Tochter is sechs. Das passiert mindestens einmal die Woche.

10 thoughts on “Kreativität – Creativity

    1. Fine, thanks for asking. I was ill (bad cold) and I have been tired ever since but it is getting better. Blogging is more difficult because I feel like I’m in a loop – I seem to face the same problems I faced five years ago.

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